What’s in a Name

My full name is Brian Hua Ngon Nguyen. I believe the name that my mom has chosen for me fits me perfectly. Brian, is of Irish and Celtic descent and it means noble or strong. I was chosen with this name because my mom knows that life will be tough and she wants me to be strong through it all. It fits perfectly with me because I am a Christian and with God’s strength, I know I will be able to get out of tough times. My middle name, is of Vietnamese descent. It means God’s Promise. My mom chose this because she knew that I will make a difference in this somehow before I was born and I that I will be something great in the future. Similar to how the virgin Mary knew Jesus, the Messiah, will save us from our sins. My surname is the the last names of approximately 40% of the Vietnamese population most likely due to the Nguyen Dynasty ruling the whole country of Vietnam. Although I might not be immediately related to the royal family, I still live up to it as I am a noble and I do my best to represent the great name of Nguyen. By the way, Nguyen is pronounce like “Win”. I have lived my life hearing it mispronounced way too much.   


Who Am I?

I am a student. I have attempt to wake up every morning, healthy or ill, for school. Although school can get monotonous, it’s something every student should be proud of. As a student, getting a good education is a long and rigorous journey but it is very well worth it in the long run. I strive my best to be successful in school not just because it makes my mom and family proud but I understand the importance of good grades. I may be known as an ambitious scholar because if I ever lack a topic, I will not stand down but work twice as hard to understand. As an Asian, I know its stereotypical that I was born smart but it’s just all about work ethic and ambition.

I am a friend. I consider myself to have many friends but not many close friends. I try to treat all my friends with the same respect that they treat me (which isn’t very much.) As a friend, I do my best to be there for anybody that is need for guidance and help. I love helping others and if I ever die doing what I love, I’m going to die helping others live a better life. Most importantly, I treat all my friends as if they are my family. I never go a day without talking to any of them and I wish that we will always keep in contact after the day of graduation.

I am an athlete. I have grown up watching and practicing soccer. Soccer is my most beloved sport and I was on the varsity men’s team but with personal reasons, I couldn’t do it anymore. I have exercise induced asthma but I never let that pull me down when I’m training. I just love being active and in shape. Throughout the middle of my high school career, I’ve decided to play a new sport and it was tennis. Although tennis is new to me, I love it already. I’m practicing and learning to be more accurate on my hits so that I don’t have to run as much. I also enjoy playing other sports such as football, basketball, bowling, and ping pong. Overall, I just love being an athlete, it’s a lifestyle to me.

I am a musician. Music has always been around me growing up. My whole family loves listening to music so there’s always music playing somewhere around the house. When I was young, my mom had signed me up for piano lessons but I had to give it up shortly. Later in life, I would learn how to play the drums and guitar and self teach myself the piano. I would add on to my music career by doing band year round during my whole high school life. As a musician, I learn that music is a language that anyone could understand and that I believe music could change the world one day.

I am a son. I was born to Khanh Nguyen in the golden state of California. Since I am an only child, I do my best to make my mother proud. My mom has always done her best to support me in everything I do. I’m blessed to have her as a mother because she would always let me pick what I wanted and I will learn from experience with her guidance of course. The best way to show my love for her is to be there for her when she needs me and be obedient by doing my very best in school and have a successful future. As a son, I know that every mother dreams of their child to be a winner and that is exactly what I will be. A Nguyener.

Remembering the Child

Me: What was I like as a child?
Mom: You were a very quiet, shy child and you never left my side. 
Me: What did I like to do?
Mom: You would always play with your soldier toys or hot wheels. Sometimes, I would see you play on the gameboy. 
Me: Where did I like to travel to?
Mom: You loved to go anywhere I went, but you were very fascinated with the beach
Me: What type of food did I like to eat?
Mom: You ate anything that I put inside your mouth.
Me: Was I fascinated with anything growing up?
Mom: Water was always intriguing to you; you would always want to play with it. You were also very fascinated with books and history.
Me:  Was I athletic as a child?
Mom: You loved to play soccer growing up and also riding bikes.
Me: What did I want to be when I grow up?
Mom: You wanted to be a detective because you wanted to be a hero and save lives. 

Family Influence

As a child, I never truly had a fatherly figure. As I grew up, I realized my grandpa is the closest one. During my junior year of high school, I was required to do an oral history project for my English class. I thought it would be interesting if I interviewed my grandfather because I had prior knowledge of him being in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. Boy, was I correct. My grandpa graduated from school as a 2nd Lieutenant then will soon be promoted to Captain. I learned how close he was to the president’s family and also about the dreadful reeducation camps. Towards the end of the war, president Nguyen Van Thieu fled the country abandoning his soldiers. Because of that event, my grandpa has taught me to fight til the ending. Although the war were led by unrighteous men, my grandpa was fighting with all his heart for freedom. I have learned from my grandpa to never give up. If it wasn’t for him, my family and I wouldn’t be here in the greatest country in the world. While I am living in America, I have used the great education system to my advantage. Although I have been motivated to do my best earlier in life, my grandpa has boosted it even more. Now that I am in my final year of high school, I strive for the best and to make my grandpa proud everyday. Growing up, he was just an old man to play with. Now, he’s one of my motivators to be successful in school and life. My relationship with my grandpa is amazingly wonderful. I can only hope that it will last for many more years.

“Where I’m From” Poem

I am from a small country town
From calm streams and wooded land
I am from the land of y’all and ain’t
My tongue differs from others around me
Although I’m a tiger in a horse stable
The stallions are my companions

I am from homemade country meals
Biscuits and sweet tea are items every household need
I am from where the Sabbath is a holy day
Where our God is an awesome God
Although no one is perfect
I am from the land of the righteous

I am from the land of Nam
Where my ancestors have fought for freedom
Although my family is in the land of the free
We still keep our beloved heritage
I am from the Lunar year
Tet is the day my race celebrate all over the world
I am from the land of the unforgotten

“Let me Introduce Myself”

Dear Readers,

I am your typical Asian but I live in the countryside of North Carolina. My family originally came from Vietnam and my grandpa was an officer in the Army during the war. During my childhood, I was known as a shy kid but I grew out of it. I might be quiet sometimes but quiet people are usually thinking. I am musically inclined. My instruments vary from piano, guitar and multiple percussion instruments. My most desired goal is to become a pharmacist. I’ve grown up loving to help out others as much to my abilities because it’s saddening to see others in pain. A great addition to my goal is to also be accepted to UNC Chapel Hill and be successful in everything I do.

I have grown up around music my whole life. My mom had me going to frequent piano lessons since I was three but saddenly, I had to give it up. Growing up, I have always been around my church’s band. Around the age of 9, I have decided to learn the drums. Soon, I’ll become my church drumset player and still is today. When I hit middle school, I decided to try to learn guitar. The journey wasn’t  great but I can still strum a few chords once in awhile. As high school comes around the corner, I have started to reteach myself the piano since I thought it would benefit me for marching and symphonic band. Throughout my whole high school career, I am a very active musician that has led the percussion section to much success.

I am very proud of how my family is here today. It is a blessing to be living in the greatest country in the world. For those that doesn’t know, my grandfather was a captain in the Army of Republic of Vietnam. He was close to South Vietnam’s president Nguyen Van Thieu’s and future president Duong Van Minh’s families. My grandfather has fought through many battles in the war and unfortunatly, he was kept locked in a reeducation camp for eight years. Because of my grandfather, my family was allowed to come over to the land of the free in 1993. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be allowed to enjoy the freedom I have here and the wonderful education many take for granted.

With 17 years of life in me, I have travelled and seen many wonderful aspects of  the world.  As you continue to read my blog, you may imagine and relive my life.

Yours Truly,

Brian Nguyen