An Epilogue

A person truly does not know them self until they write about it. As humans, it’s natural for us to create habits, it is something we have done ever since we have left our mother’s womb. These habits that us humans have created has blinded us. Sometimes we don’t know who we truly are until we actually must think about it. In the beginning, I honestly didn’t want to do these blogs for class but seriously…who didn’t? What I’m trying to say is that by doing these blogs that were assigned to us, in spite that we could choose eight blog posts, I learned more about myself unexpectedly. By doing these blogs, I’ve learn that everybody is unique in many ways. By writing it down, it allows me to think more about my life and share it with my peers.

I wouldn’t say that making this blog has changed me or the outlook of my future but it sure has taught me more about myself. Since I got to actually write down my thoughts, I have started to appreciate everything my family has done for me even more. I know that their life in Vietnam was tough prior to this blog but the more it lingers in my mind, I’m more thankful for everything in life and of course, life. I don’t know if I would consider this as change, but it is an improvement in my point of view. I was never good at English or writing growing up. Now that I am obligated to do these blogs, it has sprung out the writer inside of me. If I go back into the past a couple months before I post this epilogue, I would have never guessed that I could write all these posts. Although I still dislike writing, I enjoy sharing my life and thoughts with my peers.

My favorite piece of writing must be “Advice to the Young.” I find this ironic because I still consider myself young. I enjoy writing this post the most because I felt like an adult during the time spent writing it. I learned the most about myself in this post because I mention characteristics and traits that I wish I have or to improve one day. I, like any normal future parent want is the best for my children. I believe by telling stories based on experiences are the most effective way to teach a lesson. What I love the most about it is that the morals I wrote are the same morals I grew up with. The same exact morals my mom has taught me and that these morals have prepared me for a successful future. Since I know that good ethics and morals are successful, I will too pass it on to the future generation.

Thank you to those who were on this journey with me. It took awhile to finish this blog, but it was fun. I hope the writing of my life has given you positive ideas. Remember, All I Do is Nguyen!


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