My Own List of Lists

People who have influenced me: Mom, maternal grandfather, Nido Qubein, Billy Graham, Kobe Bryant, and Jesus

Places that make me hungry: School, planes, cruise, Malls, mountains, and… church

Places I would like to go: London, Tokyo, Hawaii, World Cup Championship Round, Great Barrier Reef, and Golden Gate Bridge

Characteristics I like in people: Honesty, wise, loving, funny, likes to travel, and confident

Characteristics I dislike in people: Liar, disloyal, cocky, arrogant, self-centered, and temperamental 

Things that worry me: College, finance, grades, making my mom proud, health, and government

Things I would like to know how to do: How to make medicine, perform surgery, photogenic memory, fix cars, play the cello, and get rich quick legally.

Things that have moved me: Seeing others getting baptized, noticing the growth of a person ever since they were born, soldiers fighting for our beloved freedom, it’s my senior year, families in the hospital during Christmas, and people dying at an early age. 

Ideas that intrigue me: Nutella in frozen yogurt, goal-line technology in soccer, the insects that we hate such as spiders and bees help us live everyday, what if Hitler invaded Great Britain successively, the journey of how my family is in America, and what if this life is a dream in another life. 

My personal favorites: Sports but mainly soccer, medical related, gaming, Sushi, travelling, and creating music. 


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