Are You Hungry?

I’ll be straightforward about this subject. I am a small Asian guy that loves to eat!!! I love many different type of cuisines and I try my best to follow the philosophy of “if it looks good, then eat it.” When I think of my best meal, I immediately think of the meals that were served on the Carnival Cruises. Lets start of with the appetizer. The appetizer was a fusion of sushi that contained a mix of California roll and Philadelphia roll. Although the rice was plentiful, the ingredients in the middle was the perfect amount. Dab the sushi with a little soy sauce and a slice of ginger and it will be the most amazing appetizer in a three-course meal. The main entree that was served was three thick slice of medium rare steak smothered in their special gravy with mushrooms underneath and a side of mashed potatoes. As a food fanatic, I know that this particular steak is going to be amazing just from how tender it was when I sliced it with my knife. My knowledge did not fail me, til this day, the steak I had on the cruise is the best steak I have ever eaten. For those that still have an appetite left, the desert is always the most exciting part and best way to end a dinner. For this particular meal, I had a caramel creme which was practically flan. The way they prepared it is and will probably be the most beautiful flan I’ve ever seen and taste. The balance of the caramel and the flan was on point! The whip cream topped it off perfectly and voila, “The Perfect Flan.” So for my favorite meal, this meal during my cruise to Mexico will be my favorite one. 


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