One Medium Suitcase

It’s scary to think leaving home forever, but if that is my one and only choice then this is what I will stuff into my suitcase. I would first off, bring my phone because it will be my way to contact home and it has many convenient apps. My iPhone has apps such as weather, calendar, and bible. My phone is also an electronic to play with during spare time. I will keep a suit in my suitcase because if I’m going to be limited with clothes, then why not look good all the time? I like looking good because a person can never get a second first impression. When a person is in a suit, people know that you are ready for some business. Lastly, there’s nothing wrong with looking good. Putting on a suit might take awhile but in the end it’s worth it because the ladies will like it. I will also carry my drumsticks in my suitcase because I will want to take music with me where ever I go. What makes drumming special to me is that a drummer doesn’t need a drum to play on. With a little creativity and a pair of drumsticks, a musician can make real music out of that. Finally, I would carry pictures of my love ones. For they are the ones that have always been there for me and they will be horribly miss. 


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