Advice to the Young

To the child I hope to have one day,
Life goes by quicker than you think. Every day may seem slow to you because you are young and your brain isn’t fully developed. Enjoy your childhood, it’s okay to be crazy once in awhile because you’ll have hilarious stories to tell me and your friends when you grow older. Find a musical instrument that you love, because I’m going to make sure you’ll master it. Music is something you can do for the rest of your life. Music is unique in so many ways because it’s a language spoken throughout the whole world. Music, no matter what instrument you learn, can tell a man’s life. If you learn how to play it well, then you can bring joy and peace to everyone’s ears. It is proven that musicians tend to have a better IQ. In this competitive world, I don’t want you to be mediocre. I want you to be at the top and be the best that you can be. Make sure that you do well in school and obey your teachers. Education is very important in life and it will take you far. Remember to have ambition and motivation in everything you do. You will have an amazing mindset in everything you do if you have that drive for success. You will create enemies and haters but remember that you’re the one that is chasing prosperity. Most importantly, I want you to always remember to praise the lord, our God. I might forget you somewhere or something similar but He will never leave your side. I know this isn’t much, but it’s a start. Do well in life kid! 




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