Who Am I?

I am a student. I have attempt to wake up every morning, healthy or ill, for school. Although school can get monotonous, it’s something every student should be proud of. As a student, getting a good education is a long and rigorous journey but it is very well worth it in the long run. I strive my best to be successful in school not just because it makes my mom and family proud but I understand the importance of good grades. I may be known as an ambitious scholar because if I ever lack a topic, I will not stand down but work twice as hard to understand. As an Asian, I know its stereotypical that I was born smart but it’s just all about work ethic and ambition.

I am a friend. I consider myself to have many friends but not many close friends. I try to treat all my friends with the same respect that they treat me (which isn’t very much.) As a friend, I do my best to be there for anybody that is need for guidance and help. I love helping others and if I ever die doing what I love, I’m going to die helping others live a better life. Most importantly, I treat all my friends as if they are my family. I never go a day without talking to any of them and I wish that we will always keep in contact after the day of graduation.

I am an athlete. I have grown up watching and practicing soccer. Soccer is my most beloved sport and I was on the varsity men’s team but with personal reasons, I couldn’t do it anymore. I have exercise induced asthma but I never let that pull me down when I’m training. I just love being active and in shape. Throughout the middle of my high school career, I’ve decided to play a new sport and it was tennis. Although tennis is new to me, I love it already. I’m practicing and learning to be more accurate on my hits so that I don’t have to run as much. I also enjoy playing other sports such as football, basketball, bowling, and ping pong. Overall, I just love being an athlete, it’s a lifestyle to me.

I am a musician. Music has always been around me growing up. My whole family loves listening to music so there’s always music playing somewhere around the house. When I was young, my mom had signed me up for piano lessons but I had to give it up shortly. Later in life, I would learn how to play the drums and guitar and self teach myself the piano. I would add on to my music career by doing band year round during my whole high school life. As a musician, I learn that music is a language that anyone could understand and that I believe music could change the world one day.

I am a son. I was born to Khanh Nguyen in the golden state of California. Since I am an only child, I do my best to make my mother proud. My mom has always done her best to support me in everything I do. I’m blessed to have her as a mother because she would always let me pick what I wanted and I will learn from experience with her guidance of course. The best way to show my love for her is to be there for her when she needs me and be obedient by doing my very best in school and have a successful future. As a son, I know that every mother dreams of their child to be a winner and that is exactly what I will be. A Nguyener.


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