What’s in a Name

My full name is Brian Hua Ngon Nguyen. I believe the name that my mom has chosen for me fits me perfectly. Brian, is of Irish and Celtic descent and it means noble or strong. I was chosen with this name because my mom knows that life will be tough and she wants me to be strong through it all. It fits perfectly with me because I am a Christian and with God’s strength, I know I will be able to get out of tough times. My middle name, is of Vietnamese descent. It means God’s Promise. My mom chose this because she knew that I will make a difference in this somehow before I was born and I that I will be something great in the future. Similar to how the virgin Mary knew Jesus, the Messiah, will save us from our sins. My surname is the the last names of approximately 40% of the Vietnamese population most likely due to the Nguyen Dynasty ruling the whole country of Vietnam. Although I might not be immediately related to the royal family, I still live up to it as I am a noble and I do my best to represent the great name of Nguyen. By the way, Nguyen is pronounce like “Win”. I have lived my life hearing it mispronounced way too much.   

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