Remembering the Child

Me: What was I like as a child?
Mom: You were a very quiet, shy child and you never left my side. 
Me: What did I like to do?
Mom: You would always play with your soldier toys or hot wheels. Sometimes, I would see you play on the gameboy. 
Me: Where did I like to travel to?
Mom: You loved to go anywhere I went, but you were very fascinated with the beach
Me: What type of food did I like to eat?
Mom: You ate anything that I put inside your mouth.
Me: Was I fascinated with anything growing up?
Mom: Water was always intriguing to you; you would always want to play with it. You were also very fascinated with books and history.
Me:  Was I athletic as a child?
Mom: You loved to play soccer growing up and also riding bikes.
Me: What did I want to be when I grow up?
Mom: You wanted to be a detective because you wanted to be a hero and save lives. 

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