Family Influence

As a child, I never truly had a fatherly figure. As I grew up, I realized my grandpa is the closest one. During my junior year of high school, I was required to do an oral history project for my English class. I thought it would be interesting if I interviewed my grandfather because I had prior knowledge of him being in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. Boy, was I correct. My grandpa graduated from school as a 2nd Lieutenant then will soon be promoted to Captain. I learned how close he was to the president’s family and also about the dreadful reeducation camps. Towards the end of the war, president Nguyen Van Thieu fled the country abandoning his soldiers. Because of that event, my grandpa has taught me to fight til the ending. Although the war were led by unrighteous men, my grandpa was fighting with all his heart for freedom. I have learned from my grandpa to never give up. If it wasn’t for him, my family and I wouldn’t be here in the greatest country in the world. While I am living in America, I have used the great education system to my advantage. Although I have been motivated to do my best earlier in life, my grandpa has boosted it even more. Now that I am in my final year of high school, I strive for the best and to make my grandpa proud everyday. Growing up, he was just an old man to play with. Now, he’s one of my motivators to be successful in school and life. My relationship with my grandpa is amazingly wonderful. I can only hope that it will last for many more years.

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