“Let me Introduce Myself”

Dear Readers,

I am your typical Asian but I live in the countryside of North Carolina. My family originally came from Vietnam and my grandpa was an officer in the Army during the war. During my childhood, I was known as a shy kid but I grew out of it. I might be quiet sometimes but quiet people are usually thinking. I am musically inclined. My instruments vary from piano, guitar and multiple percussion instruments. My most desired goal is to become a pharmacist. I’ve grown up loving to help out others as much to my abilities because it’s saddening to see others in pain. A great addition to my goal is to also be accepted to UNC Chapel Hill and be successful in everything I do.

I have grown up around music my whole life. My mom had me going to frequent piano lessons since I was three but saddenly, I had to give it up. Growing up, I have always been around my church’s band. Around the age of 9, I have decided to learn the drums. Soon, I’ll become my church drumset player and still is today. When I hit middle school, I decided to try to learn guitar. The journey wasn’t  great but I can still strum a few chords once in awhile. As high school comes around the corner, I have started to reteach myself the piano since I thought it would benefit me for marching and symphonic band. Throughout my whole high school career, I am a very active musician that has led the percussion section to much success.

I am very proud of how my family is here today. It is a blessing to be living in the greatest country in the world. For those that doesn’t know, my grandfather was a captain in the Army of Republic of Vietnam. He was close to South Vietnam’s president Nguyen Van Thieu’s and future president Duong Van Minh’s families. My grandfather has fought through many battles in the war and unfortunatly, he was kept locked in a reeducation camp for eight years. Because of my grandfather, my family was allowed to come over to the land of the free in 1993. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be allowed to enjoy the freedom I have here and the wonderful education many take for granted.

With 17 years of life in me, I have travelled and seen many wonderful aspects of  the world.  As you continue to read my blog, you may imagine and relive my life.

Yours Truly,

Brian Nguyen


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